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The “Cool Stuff Jar”

Guest post by licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitator Cass Mullane

I had the privilege of being Spotlighted during Jennifer Lee’s Right-Brainers in Business 2013 Video Summit. What a treat!

During the Spotlight, on a whim, I picked up my “Cool Stuff Jar” and showed it. Who knew it would make such an impact?!

The “Cool Stuff Jar” is the spot where I collect reminders of the cool stuff that happens in my business (and in my life) over the course of a year. It could be hosting a successful Right-Brain Business Plan® workshop, a nice thing someone did, a great shift that a client made, being invited to speak, getting juried into a show, making a video, doing something that I’d been putting off, lessons learned, an unexpected bit of good news, conquering a fear, going to a workout despite not feeling like it, anything cool! I just jot down the cool thing on a large colored file card, date it, then snip it off and drop it in the jar.

There are lots of reasons to have your own “Cool Stuff Jar” including:

1.It is a record of activities during the year that are gathered in one place
a.Great to look through when you review your accomplishments for the year
b.Great fodder for your annual meeting minutes if you’re an LLC

2.It serves as a simple way to express gratitude regularly

3.Watching the cool things pile up is a visual reminder that you’re making progress

4.When things get challenging, reading some of the things in the jar gives you a real boost

5.Teaching yourself to identify the good stuff can change your whole outlook on your business and on your world

6.Cool Stuff has a way of spreading to the people around you

7.When you spend time acknowledging the cool stuff, more cool stuff comes your way (no kidding!)

So, here are a few things that I’ve added to my “Cool Stuff Jar” since the Video Summit:

1.“220 Likes on my Facebook page” (www.facebook.com/ProsperCreatively)

2.“Hooked up with AmyC from the Video Summit to create a Colorado gathering on May 18 in Boulder.” (If you’d like to join us, contact me at Cass@ProsperCreatively.com)

3.“I have a book title…!!”

4.“Presenting mini-RBBP at Revenue North! Go right brainers!!”

5.“Selected as a finalist for the Athena Award! WOO HOO!”

So now it’s your turn to recognize your cool stuff. What happened today that was cool? How about this week? If you’re feeling like nothing cool happened, take another look. Maybe you could retrace your steps today to find something cool. Flip back through your calendar and revisit your week. Perhaps you might change your focus to include the small stuff that makes the world so darn interesting. It only takes a minute to jot something down and toss it in the jar.

I think everyone needs a “Cool Stuff Jar.”

Cass Mullane’s calm, comfortable approach consistently yields positive results for clients. Her business and personal coaching practice, www.ProsperCreatively.com, specializes in delivering solid left brain business skills to right brainers and creatives in a fun, visual way. Cass is is one of our licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitators.

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