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e-mail: info @ artizencoaching.com (preferred)

voicemail: 510-542-9791

We love hearing from you. We read through every message that comes in however due to the number of notes and requests we receive we are not always able to personally respond to every e-mail. Thanks for your understanding.

JVs and Guest Speaking Requests

If you are contacting us for a possible JV partnership or to invite Jennifer to be a guest speaker at a summit or event (many thanks!), please include a description of the event/opportunity, target audience, why you think Jennifer would be a good fit, dates of the event AND dates of promotions, size of list, inclusivity/equity plans for the event (Jenn is not interested in being your token Asian or BIPOC and she wants to ensure that there is diverse representation in events she participates in), and any other important information to help us determine if it’ll be a good fit. Please keep in mind that we do get frequent invitations and are not able to accept each one. It definitely helps if you have already established a relationship with Jenn or have participated in some way in her community. Also, we know many JVs request solo e-mails however, we want to let you know upfront that we very rarely do solo e-mails for JVs (we only do those on special occasions for folks we already have built trusted relationships with and can personally vouch for). We are happy to share a blurb in our newsletter and social media.

Questions about using Jenn’s Materials

If you’re wondering if it’s okay to use Jenn’s materials, please make sure to check out this page we’ve put together that outlines what you can and cannot do with her intellectual property. Thanks!

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