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Find a Licensed Facilitator Near You!

Finally get your business plan done and have fun doing it with these Right-Brain Business Plan® licensed facilitators from around the world. They are ready and eager to help you grow your creative business.

Attend one of their Right-Brain Business Plan® workshops in your area or work with them individually. You can find out more about each one of these lovely leaders by clicking on their contact info.

Before working with any of these facilitators please make sure to read the fine print that our left-brain lawyers had us include.

If you'd like to lead Right-Brain Business Plan® workshops in your area, find out more about becoming a licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® facilitator.

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US: East Coast/Southeast | Mid-West | West Coast/Pacific Northwest/Southwest
Canada | UK | Asia | Australia


United States - East Coast/Southeast


Sandra Filer

Bradenton, FL 

Sandra J. Filer, MBA, is an enthusiastic, high energy, believer in the human capacity to achieve whatever the mind can conceive. She specializes in working with creatives seeking fulfillment in their life and work. Her approach is heartfelt and effective in guiding her clients far away from their inner critic.

Sandra Filer website
(713) 201-2020

Susan Miller

Raleigh, NC

Susan Miller, PhD, LPCS is a professional life coach, Certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, entrepreneur coach, creativity therapist and seasoned psychotherapist. Susan offers coaching and creativity workshops that inspire expression of your uniqueness and passion in life/business. Strategies learned empower you to create your life/business vision with more joy and authenticity.

Facilitator Spotlight - Find out more about Susan

Sarah Bellman

Cridersville, OH

sarah bellman

I am a massage therapist interested in growing my business. As a right-brainer, I have developed a clear professional vision, aligned a pathway, and am constantly taking action. The benefits have been amazing for my business! Now I plan to connect with other fellow right-brainers and share the RBBP process.

Facilitator Spotlight - Find out more about Sarah
(419) 230-4266


United States - West Coast/Pacific Northwest/Southwest


Tonya T. Collins

Vallejo, CA

Tonya Tucker Collins is both the Creative Partner and Designer of The Urban Crafter. She has an extensive business background using her training design and facilitation skills to help creative business owners bond with the art of business designed their way.


Chantel Zimmerman

Los Angeles, CA

I inspire people to take actions that improve their life and the world around them. My 13+ years of facilitation - Artist’s Way, SoulCollage®, Meditation, Labyrinths, and Sustainability - helps my clients take quantum leaps that access their authentic, creative selves, and let’s them hear and trust their inner wisdom.



Jamaica Caribbean/United Kingdom


Ally O'Meally-Watson

Jamaica & UK

I love working with creative women entrepreneurs, helping them to design a compelling business vision, a fearless finance plan and profitable business plan to build a sustainable, joyful business. I am an accountant with a creative bent and my favourite F word after finance is fashion.

(876) 586-3909

Wanna lead Right-Brain Business Plan® workshops in your area and see your smiling face here? Find out more about becoming a licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® facilitator.

Some left-brain legal fine print: The facilitators listed in our directory have completed the Right-Brain Business Plan® facilitator training program and have been licensed to use our material. However, they are neither employees nor independent contractors of, and are not formally or legally affiliated with, our company. Jennifer Lee individually and Artizen Coaching LLC do not guarantee in any manner your results when working with these facilitators. We expressly disclaim all responsibility for, and liability from, any disappointments or legal claims that may arise as a result of engaging any of the Right-Brain Business Plan® facilitators in our directory. If you choose to engage one of these facilitators, you agree to release and hold harmless Jennifer Lee and Artizen Coaching LLC from any and all claims or demands related to the services provided by the Licensed Facilitator listed in our directory.

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