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Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit Q&A Part 2

Last month during the Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit, participants asked lots of great questions on the live chat. I posted some answers a while back and I wanted to catch up on writing a few more responses. I’ll be posting another round of Q&A from the summit next week.

Q: How do you handle, when you’ve done all the planning and pieces that you need to get your creative endeavor working and no one shows up?!

A: That can certainly be discouraging and I’ve definitely been there. One of the things that can help avoid that disappointment is to test things along the way so that you have a better sense if it will fly or not. That might mean asking some people to give feedback on a prototype of a product or test run of a service, conducting a survey with your target market, running price points by some trusted colleagues or clients. And if and when you do find yourself in that situation of no one showing up (cuz yes, it does happen!), you need to be flexible and resilient. Sure, you can give yourself a little bit of time to pout, vent, or whatever it is that you need to get the frustration out of your system. But don’t stay there long. Find a way to quickly move on. Ask yourself what did you learn from this situation? How else can you meet your perfect customers’ needs? Do you just need to tweak your approach or does it need an overhaul? Check in with your creative cohorts for some outside perspective and insights. Readjust your plan and get out there and “test” things again.

Q: How do you manage it mentally and business-wise when you pour a lot of time and energy into a dream or goal and then realize that your goal has changed mid-way through?

A: I’m kind of in the midst of this right now. I had goals about how I wanted to expand my business for the rest of the year, but I’m rethinking those right now due to some shifts in my focus and also some new potential opportunities. Well actually more like I have the same goal of how much money I want to make, however, the strategies to get there might change a bit. Mentally (and emotionally), it can feel like a roller coaster ride. Business-wise, it can be tough if you realize that one approach isn’t working for you and money isn’t flowing in. That is certainly an indicator that something needs to change. I find it super helpful to work with a coach to 1) help work through the mental/emotional swirl that can emerge during a transition like this and 2) help brainstorm and implement new approaches to reach the goal. Similar to the answer above, as an entrepreneur you do need to be flexible and resilient. Tweaking things mid-stream can actually be the best thing you can do for yourself and your business if you’re being responsive to the environment or proactive about new opportunities.

Q: Jenn, what criteria do you use to personally prioritize your goals?
A: I use sequencing as one criteria. If there are multiple products or offerings I’m wanting to implement, I ask myself what makes sense to deliver first. Do things build on each other? Will doing one first help inform the next? For example, one of the goals that’s been on my list for quite some time is launching a licensing program for The Right-Brain Business Plan and my Unfolding Your Life Vision Kit. Even though I’ve been anxious to release these, it made sense for me to focus on getting my book out first the licensing would include material from the book. That’s more of a left-brain answer. Sometimes it’s a right-brain answer of just paying attention to where my energy, passion, and interest is and to follow that flow. That approach helps me gain momentum when I’m feeling stuck or overwhelmed. It at least gets me moving and checking to-do’s off my list.

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