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If you had 1 minute on stage, what would you say?

If you had the opportunity to speak on stage for 1 minute in front of a live studio audience (and simulcast viewers from around the world), what would you say? How would you prepare? What would you want people to know?

Well, at the Wealthy Thought Leader event in Vancouver last month, my mentor Andrea J. Lee gave each conference participant a chance to get up and do what she called an “Open Mic Throw Down.” What a cool way to experience in your bones what it’s like to stand powerfully in your message.

What I found most interesting about this exercise was that many of the learnings actually came in the time leading up to the throw down. I procrastinated. I worried more about what I was going to wear than about writing out a word-for-word script. I waffled between wanting to play it safe and just talk generically about stuff I already do versus taking a risk and actually announcing a new class I was launching (one that I was feeling not 100% sure about quite yet).

One of the things that helped me stretch myself was taking on the perspective that this was not my one and only minute. That I would have plenty of other opportunities to share my message. This was not the be all and end all and it didn’t need to be perfect (good thing given I said the wrong URL!).

So, at the very last minute I raised my hand, got up on stage without practicing or prepping, and spoke from my heart. I focused on being present with the audience. And I went out on a limb and did invite people to participate in my new video class Assessing Your Left-Brain Business Know-How.

I’m so glad I got to experience the process leading up to and doing the open mic throw down. And it was awesome to be witness to a room full of brave souls vulnerably taking the stage, too.

How can you “take the stage” today and share your message?

Remember, this is not your one and only shot. It’s about putting yourself out there time and time again and taking each 1-minute “throw down” as they come. Whether it be how you introduce yourself at an upcoming networking event or PTA meeting, the next tweet you write, or actually standing in the spotlight with a mic in hand. Each time you practice using your voice, you’ll get clearer and clearer on your message.

The other take-away I had from attending Wealthy Thought Leader was remembering how creating experiences and using the senses enhances learning. I played with that in the video class I did last week.

So, if you’re wondering what Greek and a chef’s hat have to do with left-brain details in your business? We’ll you just have to watch my free 75-min. video class to find out!

As a follow-up to my 75 min. class, I’ll also be doing a free live video chat Q&A today, Wednesday May 9th at 12noon PT on my Right-Brain Business Plan Livestream channel. I had received so many great questions ahead of time that there was no way to fit them all in, so I wanted to gather the circle again and answer some of them.

I’ll also be answering a few questions about my new year-long Right-Brain Entrepreneur Mentorship program that starts on May 21st. We sold out of the 1:1 Shining Star level (we have a wait list), but there’s still room for you in the Cohort Circle! One of the special early-bird payment plans expires tomorrow, May 10th, so if you want a cash-flow friendly way to invest in one of the most affordable ways to coach with me, act now. Find out more details about the mentorship program here.

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