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Highlights from the Right-Brain Business Plan® creativeLIVE workshop

Last weekend Jan 18th-20th, thousands of creative entrepreneurs gathered online to participate in my Right-Brain Business Plan® creativeLIVE workshop. I’m still blown away by the transformations that happened in-studio and over the Internet. I heard from so many people how with this creative and visual approach really spoke their language and how they were finally able to get their business plans done. Music to my ears!

For highlights from our last day together, you can watch the video above.

And for a recap of the entire, fun-filled, colorful weekend, here are some memorable moments below.

One the first day participants worked on their Big Vision collage which became the foundation for building super inspiring Right-Brain Business Plans®.

What a treat to get to work with the 6 incredible studio audience participants: Rebecca Stumpf, Catilin Colling, Cathy Skraba, Kathy Jakielski, Nathan Friedkin, and Frances Arnold (not pictured)

Even all the folks watching from home got in on the action and it was so fun to see the pics of their RBBPs that were shared online.

On the second day we walked through the Painting the Picture of Your Business Landscape market research exercise with Nathan Friedkin of the Divorce Cafe. As we filled out Nathan’s business landscape on this wall-sized play sheet, new insights, opportunities, and connection points emerged.

Photo credit: Rebecca Stumpf Photography www.rebeccastumpf.com

On day 3 we moved more into the left-brain details with moola mapping to help folks get clearer about the money coming in and money going out. And proclaiming inspiring financial goals.

I’m always amazed at the a-has that happen during the moola mapping exercise!

Photo credit: Rebecca Stumpf Photography www.rebeccastumpf.com

A segment on creative action planning would not be complete with out a demonstration of my favorite sticky note project planning method. Thanks to image stylist Caitlin Colling for playing along with this visual process.

If you’re wondering where the fabulous giant calendar is from, you can order it from Paper Source. (Looks like it’s out of stock right now, perhaps from all the enthusiastic folks who got inspired seeing it on creativeLIVE ;)!)

Photo credit: Rebecca Stumpf Photography www.rebeccastumpf.com

Many thanks to the wonderful co-hosts Kenna Klosterman and Alicia Dunams for being the voice of the online participants who joined us from all over the world.

When we wrapped up the workshop, the participants surprised me with a super thoughtful gift. As Frances shared some very touching words on behalf of the group and presented me with a voucher for a massage near my home, I was moved to tears (with no waterproof mascara!). It was a wonderful way to end our 3 days together.

There’s still more to share from this incredible experience, including my take-aways about collaboration after having the opportunity to work with such a stellar team over at creativeLIVE. They’ve taken my perspective of corralling creative cohorts to a whole new level and I look forward to writing more about that later.

Until then, for other fun pics, you can check out the Right-Brain Business Plan® Facebook fan page and see more photos including more fantastic shots from Rebecca Stumpf and an album from the team at creativeLIVE. And if you participated in the online course, I’d love to hear from you about your insights, a-has, and actions. Thanks!!

If you’d like to have anytime access to the workshop recordings so you can create your own Right-Brain Business Plan® and learn from seeing the process in action, you can purchase the 3-day intensive course from creativeLIVE here.

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  • Stephanie January 24, 2013, 4:23 am

    I loved this workshop. I ordered your book and can’t wait to read it! 🙂 Is that a purple highlight in your hair? I really, really love it!

  • kathy j January 29, 2013, 9:32 pm

    This was such an amazing experience Jenn! Thank you so much for having us. I can not believe how much has happened in a week and what an inspiration this class and new group of creative cohorts has brought to my biz. xoxo, k

  • Sue February 2, 2013, 8:51 am

    I am so appreciative of all these participants in this process and of course Jenn . I bought the book along time ago, but never found myself actually doing it. Obviously I am more visual than I knew and creativeLIVE soidified that. I absolutely loved this 3 day class, I bought it and took my time watching. Now I’m gathering some others to share this wonderful book and urging them to buy the class and watch for themselves. SO INSPIRING. Jenn, I can see why you do what you do, to guide people to the doorway of their greatness literally fills your heart, I know it did mine just watching ~
    Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Sue

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