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Hello Soul Beauty


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Guest post by licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitator Ho’omalamalama Brown

Hello Soul Beauty! I’m hoping that you spoil yourself with something wonderful & spectacular. You’re truly irreplaceable and you bring value to everyone around. Just in case you forgot here’s a reminder, “Three [3] things you can do for yourself today.”

1. SMILE because it makes you look lovely 😉

2. WRITE down one thing you like about yourself. “I like how I ______ .”
3. SAY it to three other people. Self talk is great but audible self talk is powerful.
The challenge creative entrepreneurs face is to make time for themselves. I’m sure many of you stand out in your community as artistic, poetic, heart centered individuals. Your unique business structure changes lives for the better but what about you? What are your needs and are they being met?

This year I’ll be sharing some thoughts, prompts and doodles, keeping in touch with your soul beauty. As you reach for the stars or slide down a rainbow know that we are on this work/life balance together. If you have tips or ideas to help other creatives leave a comment or share it on the RBBP Facebook page.

FYI- The first time I heard the term Soul Beauty was from my Aunt Ka’uhane Lee, a healer & activist in Hawaii. Everytime she comments or shares it with me I feel it, don’t you. I hope to create a community of Soul Beauties with you. See you on the next post.
PEACE be the Journey, Ho’omālamalama



Enlighten and brighten is the Hawaiian translation of Ho’omalamalama. As a performing artist and instructor of Polynesian culture Ho’o (ho-Oh) found her calling in the health and wellness realm. Today she extends that light into creative coaching utilizing the RBBP method, an effective way to help other creative entrepreneurs succeed. You can find Ho’o here: http://www.hoomalamalama.com/
Ho’o is one of our licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitators.

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