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Interview on Levenger Founder Steve Leveen’s Blog

Today The Right-Brain Business Plan is featured on Levenger founder Steve Leveen’s blog.

Steve shares, “Don’t tell my finance group, but I no longer feel quite so deficient for not taking accounting courses when Lori and I became entrepreneurs. I have Jennifer Lee to thank.”

Love it!

I chat with Levenger about creativity and business, yoga, and the contemplative power of paper. Click here to read the full interview.

Next week, you can join a live video chat with me and Steve Leveen. We’ll be discussing paper vs. pixels, how he’s grown his business (they’re celebrating their 25th anniversary this month!), and more. I’m obsessed with Levenger and their amazing products so I can’t wait to pick Steve’s brain! Stop on by my livestream channel at 1pm PT on Tuesday, October 23rd and chat with us.

Levenger and I recently partnered to create the Right-Brain Business Plan Circa Notebook.

Break out of the boring notebook rut with this right-brain system for planning, brainstorming, and launching your next big vision!

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