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Your Year in Review

Wow, how did it get to be December, already?! As we head into the last month of 2010, make sure you make time to reflect on your year. Whether you laid out specific business goals or flew by the seat of your pants, magic happens when you sit down and take stock of all that you’ve accomplished in a mere twelve months. I bet that you’ll be surprised by what you’ve manifested!

So grab a hot cup of cocoa and settle in for a cozy recap of your year.

Here are a few overarching questions to spark your reflection:

  • What was the most exciting, heart-stirring thing that happened in your business this year?
  • What was your biggest learning?
  • How did you stretch yourself?

Now take a deeper look at your creative business this year. Ask yourself the following questions to help spotlight your successes and uncover nuggets of learning:

  • Look back at the goals you set out for 2010. Which ones were you most proud of accomplishing? Which goals were easier to meet than you thought? Which ones were more challenging? Why?
  • How did you honor your values in your business?
  • What did you learn about your perfect customers?
  • What new relationships or partnerships did you cultivate in your business this year? How did that help you?
  • What was your most profitable product or service this year? What was your least profitable?
  • What did you enjoy doing that you want to do more of?
  • What do you need to stop doing or let go of?
  • What new opportunities are available for 2011 and beyond?
  • In the remaining weeks of the year, is there anything else you want to do to help you put a pretty bow on 2010?

Your responses will not only help you recap all that you’ve accomplished this year, but they’ll also help you pave the way for a solid plan for next year.

If you want an extra-creative, right-brain way to do your year in review, how ’bout creating a “Year of You” magazine spread? Write an article about all that you learned and accomplished. What would the headline read? Imagine that you won an award for your work in 2010. What are you being honored for? Include photos and captions to highlight key moments of your 2010 entrepreneurial journey.

Woohoo! Congratulations. Now make sure you celebrate, too! Trade in the cocoa for some bubbly and raise a glass to you and your fabulous creative business. Cheers!

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