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Working Below The Surface

I love this painting called “Depth of the Iceberg” by my VIP client, artist Annamieka Hopps Davidson. I didn’t realize it when I bought it but it was actually born out of our coaching work together! Annamieka later shared with me that this painting is her business plan. How cool and perfect is that?! This piece was her “visual reminder to be solid and yet, flowing… respect all the work that you do beneath the surface in order to show up in the world.” Very powerful! BTW, she is totally working that plan.

I placed the painting in my office right under my RBBP as a beautiful reminder for me to honor all that’s going on below the surface. I’ve simplified my biz and haven’t been pushing as hard (which is great for my health and well-being!) AND I’m still attracting and working with awesome clients, I’ve been rolling out online RBBP rights to my licensed facilitators, and I continue to serve our right-brain community with my products and self-studies.

This shift has given me space to focus on my foundation (the bigger piece of the iceberg that you can’t see). I’m choosing substance over flash.

With so much hype flooding your social media feeds sometimes we forget that we’re only seeing the very flashy tip of the iceberg.

Perhaps you’re comparing yourself to someone who’s been at their craft for decades and yet you expect that your business “should” be on par with theirs after just a few years. Or maybe you’re judging yourself for not moving forward on your product or book fast enough and you’re not accounting for all of the journaling, drafting, brainstorming, and action that have led you to where you are now.

Just because your project hasn’t broken through the surface yet, doesn’t mean you haven’t made progress.

Remember that and keep going! If you keep taking small steps, eventually your end-goal will emerge and you’ll share it with the world. Besides, you’ll have plenty of growth along the way if you’re open to the learning.

Until then, honor the process and savor the richness of doing the deep work.

Whether it’s in the form of re-wiring your inner belief system to fuel your big vision, moving through emotional blocks so you can let your best self shine through, mending or strengthening relationships so you feel supported and seen, claiming your voice so you can take a stand for what you believe in, making the tough choices to prioritize what’s most important to you, owning your value, stepping into your bigness, forgiving yourself, or anything else that’s requiring your soul’s attention.

While these deep and subtle shifts may not make the flashy headlines, they are essential to running an authentic business and leading an authentic life.

They form the basis of all the goodness that bursts through the surface.
What do you discover when you dive below the surface? What deep work will you acknowledge yourself for?

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