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Winter Wisdom

Last year around this time, I had my head buried in my manuscript. Thankfully, the cold, gray days of winter made it easier for me to slip into hermit-mode and write, write, write. I simplified my workload and said no to new business opportunities so that I could focus on this one endeavor. While it was difficult to hunker down for the winter, it was what I needed to get the job done and to stay balanced. And fortunately by the time I turned in my manuscript in April, I was greeted by the vibrant growth of spring.

I was grateful that I could follow the season to help me conserve my energy. Winter is the time to slow down and reflect. To hibernate and look inward. It was the perfect container for concentrating on an intensive and very internalized process.

Is there a project or idea that could use your undivided attention? How could you use the winter months to turn inward and let things gestate?

And hey, if you’ve been going full-steam ahead in your creative business, how about taking a cue from winter and giving yourself a break from it all? Even if for a week or a few days. Enjoy some white space. Give yourself some breathing room. Let the lessons of the year soak in. I’ll be doing that next week.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

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