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Why I Called in ‘Sick’ Today

Guest post by licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitator Laura Burns

Today I called in sick to work, even though I’m not. While I’m my own boss, and so the gesture is a little unnecessary, the point is that I’m fine…and that’s not fine.

I usually wake up ready to hit the ground running and tackle all the important business of the day. I feel good, great even. I work hard and have fun running my business and collaborating with amazing community partners. It has been a priority for me to practice lots of self-care activities to help keep me feeling this way- to maintain my desired level of awesomecalmandhappybusinessladyvibes. I remind everyone I know to build in healthy care practices for themselves each week, and there’s even a running joke about my penchant for prescribing self-care behaviors for everyone.

So imagine my chagrin when this past weekend brought a perfect storm of stress, biological tomfoolery, and good old fashioned brattiness together in my house. I went just a little bit crazy, and in between crying, Lindt chocolate truffles, and an angry cleaning frenzy (don’t ask), I realized a huge part of the problem. I was seriously stressed out and hadn’t been taking care of myself. I started thinking back on my schedule and activities and realized that somehow I had forgotten to do any kind of relaxing, stress-relieving, taking care of myself activities for a long time.

Like, a really long time.

I was going nuts, but at least I knew why. I immediately pressed pause on my tantrum and figured out how to make the coming week a healthier time for me…and my poor husband who is a saint. Which brings us to today, my sick day where I’ve put a priority on relaxation and renewal. I made it to a morning Nia class, read a good book while drinking my favorite tea, cooked lunch for myself, and later I’m planning a nap. This doesn’t sound like much, and that’s the point! I am relishing this down time to hang out with myself and spend some time reflecting and checking in with how I’m doing. I’m working on scheduling some self-care activities now so that I’m on the right track for keeping up the good work. Believe me, for everyone’s sake there should not be a repeat of this weekend’s emotional rollercoaster and sass explosion.

Please, all of you learn from my mistakes. It’s way too easy to get caught up in the demands of your work and home life. Take some time each week to reflect inward and check in with how you’re doing emotionally and physically. Don’t let yourself get rundown, stressed, and tired like me. Eventually you’ll flip out and it’s not pretty!

Here’s a list of some of my favorite ways to build in self-care practices to your days. See if there’s anything here you might want start implementing in your life.

Don’t be afraid to say no to people. You’re no good to anyone if you are resentful and overstretched.
Move your body. Stretch, strengthen, and get your heart pumping. You’ll feel better.
Go to sleep. That extra hour of Facebook isn’t worth the sacrifice.
Be present. Focus on who you’re with and what you’re doing.
Feel your feelings. Just express them in healthy ways, not by lashing out.
Laugh. If you’re not laughing then you’re doing it wrong.
Be quiet. It’s important to reflect, contemplate, and listen.
Embrace your creativity. Dance, music, art, and writing are powerful and magical resources.

I help heart-forward businesses create thoughtfully crafted plans for growth and sustainability. I love to inspire people to think critically, dream big, and clear out the cobwebs to let in the light and the joy! Wanna leave your soul-crushing job to start your own business? Check out my new book, Work Life Revolution! Laura Burns is one of our licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitators.

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