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When DIY Just Doesn’t Cut It

When I practice yoga on my own, I do all of my favorite poses. I listen to my breath. I follow my flow. I let my body lead me and that can feel really good and rewarding.

But sometimes I get lazy. I avoid poses I hate. Those challenging ones that remind me how inflexible my hips and hamstrings can be. Or utkatasana (chair pose) because it really makes my quads burn. I don’t stay in poses long enough. I don’t push myself that extra bit to get the full benefit of an asana.

However, when I’m in a yoga class, the teacher gives cues to help us with alignment. He might even give me an adjustment to show me how I can go a bit further in the pose than I would’ve expected. I still need to pay attention and have awareness of myself, but having someone to guide me makes a big difference in developing my practice.

I find the same in my business when I’m in DIY-mode versus when I’m working with my business mentor. When I’m trudging along on my own, I can get easily sidetracked. I have trouble focusing because I’m trying to do too much. I procrastinate. I can play it safe by avoiding projects that seem too ambitious, advanced, or out of reach for me.

Having a coach or mentor is like getting adjustments from my yoga teacher. They give me gentle nudges toward where I have the potential to go but may not see for myself just yet. Just like I might attempt an intricate arm balance during a yoga class, when I’ve got the support of a mentor or coach, I’m more open to go after a big stretch goal or project that I thought was only for other people. The Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit I hosted for my book launch earlier this year is the perfect example of that.

Sure going to a yoga class or working with a coach costs more than going it alone. But there are times when I find the investment worth it. I see results faster. I master things that I had no idea I could do.

If you’ve been a DIY entrepreneur but are finding yourself stuck or frustrated, ask yourself how is this working for you? What would having access to expertise and experience do for you? Think about times when you did have support – maybe a tutor, an older brother, a teacher, or a trainer. What was different for you when you had someone helping you, teaching you, and holding you accountable?

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