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What’s your legacy? Making a meaningful impact through your life’s work

I’m sure that at least one point in your life you’ve had a teacher, mentor, or guide who helped you reach a certain goal, become a better person, or simply learn more about yourself.

You may not even realize it, but you’re probably that guide to someone else, too. We make a meaningful impact on others through how we show up in our lives and work.

Last week I learned that my book coach, Jan King, passed away. I met Jan at a conference several years ago. On the plane home from that event, I declared in my journal that I would become a published author. Jan played an instrumental role in helping me land a publisher for my first book and patiently held my novice author’s hand as I wrote The Right-Brain Business Plan. I’m so grateful for all the wisdom and sage advice she shared with me during that intense process of giving birth to a book for the first time. I know there were many other authors who she helped get published, too. And those authors influence and help so many others through their books, so Jan’s impact continues to ripple out.

In 2011, right when I kicked off my first Video Summit, my yoga certification teacher Larry Schultz, founder of It’s Yoga, passed away. I can still hear Larry saying, “Where are your hands and feet?” as he walked around with his yard stick making sure we were paying attention to our alignment. He helped me improve my practice on and off the mat, especially when he unexpectedly invited me to lead my Dream Box workshops as part of his teacher training. What an incredible experience!

Even though I hadn’t been in touch with either of these mentors around the time of their passing, I had been and still am touched by their teachings to this day. Their legacies live on.

I know it can seem like a morbid and taboo topic to be talking about death, and yet looking at our limited time on earth helps us explore some deep, purposeful questions like:

  • Are you fully living the life you want to live?
  • What impact are you making through your work and life?
  • Whose lives are you making an indelible impression on now?
  • What legacy will you leave behind?

Don’t think that your legacy needs to be some big, lofty, solve-world-hunger type of goal. You’re creating your legacy through the every-day actions that you take. Perhaps you’re touching the lives of your family, your local community, the people you serve through your work, or even strangers who you’ve crossed paths with in some small way.

With that in mind, are doing what you can to have the meaningful impact you want to make? If not, what conscious and courageous actions can you take now to live a life on purpose? How will you leave the world a better place?

Remember, the world needs you and your unique gifts!

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