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Week 2 Highlights from the 5th Annual Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit

Wow, the 5th (and most likely final) Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit has come and gone! We had a record turnout. Thousands of creative souls from all over the world gathered together to explore the question “What’s Next?” This is probably the last time I’m running this wildly popular event, so that inspired our theme of tuning into what’s truly next for you and your business.

Here are a few quotes from our vibrant chat room from our final day.

nevadamc: As I open my eyes I’m looking at my Big Vision board and it’s all coming true piece by piece! 🙂

Barbara: It’s time to step out from behind the scenes and show myself

andrewanzalone: Thank you so much to everyone!! You all have been such an important part of an incredible turning point in my life! Love you all <3 andrewanzalone: already having withdrawals lol Julie InJoy: feeling much better about getting out there and making it happen! Kiala Givehand RBBP AC: One thing I've learned from you Jenn is that it's okay NOT to know for now.

And as Kiala said in that last comment, YES, it is okay for you to not know exactly what’s next or how to get there. The important thing is to connect with your inner wisdom AND take the small steps forward that will give you clarity.

I’ve been modeling that throughout this whole summit and will continue to with the Premium group and folks in my Mentorship Program. I hope by seeing me and the summit speakers and spotlights walk the talk, that you’re inspired to… listen to your heart and go after what’s truly next for YOU!

Want to get a taste of what the event was like? You can watch the week 2 highlights video to see practical and inspiring tips from Sara Avant Stover, Katherine Carey, Tad Hargrave, Kate Northrup, Virginia Simpson-Magruder, Dr Eric Maisel, Sheila Pai, and SARK.

And good news, if you missed some of the summit… we’ve extended the final 3 replays. You can still catch up (or binge watch) through Monday, March 23rd 8pm PDT on these amazing sessions:

  • Kate Northrup best-selling author of Money: A Love Story who shared her secrets to achieving financial freedom. She even even got people excited to look at their bank statements with a practical and telling exercise. Plus live Show and Tell Spotlight Virginia Simpson-Magruder who was LIVE and in-person with me. You’re going to be motivated to get your own creative juices flowing after seeing all of her inspiring artwork and hearing about her studio, her altered books, and her first e-course that she recently launched. It’s wonderful to see our Mentorship peeps sharing their gifts with the world.
  • America’s foremost Creativity Coach Dr. Eric Maisel’s informative interview on how to get out of a meaning crises and how to quiet your racing brain. His thought-provoking perspectives sparked lots of light-bulb moments for our viewers about how to look at what’s next in their life and business. We also had our last Show and Tell Spotlight with Sheila Pai who shared her journey about writing and launching her book Nurturing You. She amazed people by how she’s able to run her business while raising two kids and holding down a full-time teaching job! Her secret is mindfulness!
  • And one of my all time creative sheroes SARK gave us simple yet powerful practices for getting in touch with our Inner Wise Self. This is something that has helped SARK accomplish all that she has in her life, work, relationships, finances, and more! We even all got to sing together! You don’t want to miss that! It was the perfect way to close out 5 amazing years of this event. Plus I shared a simple practice to help you tune into what’s next for you.

Sign-up here to catch these extended replays now before they’re gone!


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