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Vote for your favorite Boosters and Chill Pills. Plus enter to win Video Summit Upgrades!

We’ve got just a few more days before the 2nd annual Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit gets underway.

Have you grabbed your free ticket yet?

I hope so! We’ll be covering some of the more left-brain details that usually send folks running for the hills. You know, things like sales, marketing, pricing, legal, and technology. But don’t worry at this summit, you’ll learn how to manage all of that with ease.

And hey, if you get stressed out just thinking about it, check out the following fabulous Right-Brain Boosters and Left-Brain Chill Pills that have been submitted for our video contest. You’re sure to be inspired by your fellow creative cohorts.

Why not enter one of your own? You’ll get a chance to win upgrades that will give you unlimited access to the webinar recordings and extra support through group coaching with me.

Submit a video of your Right-Brain Booster or Left-Brain Chill Pill and enter to win! And don’t forget to vote for your favorite boosters and chill-pills.

The first five video entries already won free copies of my book The Right-Brain Business Plan, but you still have a chance to win a Booster or Premium Pass to the Video Summit!

Congrats to the book winners:

See you at the summit!!

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