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Tweak ~NOT~ Twerk

Tweak Not Twerk

Guest post by licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitator Ho’omalamalama Brown

I just want to apologize if the term twerk offends anyone but I have this crazy type of humor. Maybe I’m not alone and you’re laughing along with me. (Bwahahaha) What was I talking about… oh I remember, tweak.

Did you ever want to throw in the towel on your creative business because it’s not bringing in the moola? Do you find yourself giving away more product or services? Why do we set ourselves up for failure?

Stop the madness!

We, as Creatives, need to put a stop to low-balling our skills and services. Maybe you need to tweak your talents and market to a different clientele. Take the time to repackage your product or pay for someone to design your packaging. Share your products with other’s and ask for their opinion. (Be open minded & don’t take it personal.)

Tweaking isn’t the end of the world, it’s actually the beginning. What you tweak and how you tweak can make all the difference. I really want to encourage you because autumn invites the holidays.

Translation… people will be spending. Perhaps they’ll be purchasing from you. So tweak on my friend. PEACE be the Journey.


Enlighten and brighten is the Hawaiian translation of Ho’omalamalama. As a performing artist and instructor of Polynesian culture Ho’o (ho-Oh) found her calling in the health and wellness realm. Today she extends that light into creative coaching utilizing the RBBP method, an effective way to help other creative entrepreneurs succeed. You can find Ho’o here: http://www.hoomalamalama.com/
Ho’o is one of our licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitators.
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