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Turn your failure into success – a story for you plus a final chance to join my Mentorship Program

Even though I’m going on my 4th time leading my Right-Brain Entrepreneur Mentorship Program, I have to admit, that this flagship offering almost didn’t happen when I first launched it a few years ago!

In fact, I share about my initial launch “FAIL” in my conversation with the fabulous Jen Louden. You can listen to the story here.

Thank goodness I stuck with it and found a way to make this offer work for folks. If I hadn’t then so many amazing right-brainers would’ve missed out on the support they’d been craving to get to the next level of success.

Doors close on Friday, June 13th, so if you want support building your business the right-brain way, join us!

We had our first live teaching on moola-making this week (don’t worry there’s still time to catch up) and here’s what a few of our cohorts shared…

Helene Rose from www.bebrilliantnetwork.com:
Kiala Givehand, Creativity Coach and Mixed Media Artist, www.kialagivehand.com:
Jan Blount, Artist and Author, www.gratitudeandcompany.com:

Concerned you might “fall through the cracks” in a group program? Lezette feels like she’s getting highly personalized attention and has already taken action!

“I now have a mastermind of talented women for feedback, encouragement and accountability. My work is being looked at by someone other than my poodle. I was worried that the amount of people in the Cohort Circle would be overwhelming or I might fall through the cracks BUT Jennifer Lee and her AMAZING coaches treat me as a team member and make me feel like I’m having a one on one every time they respond to a question or idea I have. The other women in the group are turning out to be the highlight of this experience. My fellow cohorts are talented and I’m learning from them everyday. Since joining the Cohort Circle I’ve implemented strategies and systems to gaining more email subscribers. This was done from the accountability of the circle.” – Lezette Markham, Creative Facilitator, Mentor and Artist, simplyartoc.com

Find a safe space to get support like Jennifer Cockrum of JBC Studios has:

If you’ve been stalled by setbacks or “failures,” if you know you need some expert guidance and accountability to get you to your next moola goal, or you’re just tired of going it alone – we get YOU and we’re excited to help you move forward with ease, creativity, and joy!

The doors close on Friday, June 13th at 9pm PT, so sign-up now to grab your spot!

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