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Tisha’s Renewall Right-Brain Business Plan

Tisha Pletcher is all about renewing all of you.  This creative lady coaches, writes, and leads retreats and workshops for women and their organizations.  I love the simplicity and warmth of her Renewall Coaching website and her message about self-care and following your passions.

Tisha shared a few photos of her Right-Brain Business Plan, which she calls, a work in progress… just like her business.  Each page of her accordion book represents a different part of her plan: values, marketing, services, management and even office space and environment.


Tisha says, “My plan reads ‘world {changing} chicks…connecting to change lives…growing in circles…women who dare, women who care, women who share…’  These words inspire me to create opportunities for women to grow themselves as they support other women in the world.  I birthed my business after working in the nonprofit field and watching amazing women burnout doing work they loved.  I fully believe we can lead our organizations in an even more brilliant way if we too do our own work:  connecting to our passions, renewing our spirits, and circling for support.”  I couldn’t agree more!

You can find out more about the fabulous Tisha at her beautiful website and Life Renewing blog.

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  • Matthew Pearson July 16, 2009, 6:25 pm

    Woah! Talk about rethinking the business plan! We pride ourselves on design, but I have to admit I need to ask myself some serious questions about visualisation and creative licencing!

    Thanks Jen for a creative boost.

    Matthew Pearson
    RiotPlan – (Formal) Business Plan Writers

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