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The Pain of Being In-Between :: Authentic Work + Self-Care

Guest post by licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitator Ane Axford

Many of the Sensitive Leaders that I work with feel so relieved to finally be working on their own terms, defining success in their own way, and getting paid to share their authentic offerings.

Many of them also feel confused and frustrated when they start to get worn out by doing all that it takes to make this authentic work a success. They ask “how do I balance all this?” as if balance is the solution.

I know I did.

It seems like now that you are working on your terms, it should be satisfying all the time. But, I find time and again that there is this definite experience of wanting to do your work and also realizing that you are not having the time for you that you are used to because you are doing your authentic work. What to do?

As a new entrepreneur or an entrepreneur who is doing something new in your business, this is a step toward being more free to be. It’s a wonderful feeling to have, but it also means that all the ways that you are still weighed down will feel more exaggerated. The more you get what you want in your life, the more the things that are not a fit for you will weigh on you.

Each step you take toward freedom can feel harder and harder because you are getting closer and closer to the source of your creativity. That flow is powerful and it strips away everything that is not you. Anything that is still hanging on or that you are holding on to will create a lag and impede you.

The things that used to help you get by now slow you down. You are going through an alchemizing process. The things that used to be used as restoration after a long day now become ways of hiding.

This is necessarily a difficult process to be stripped of all the things that helped you feel safe up until now.

There is no way to make it easy. But, there are ways to make it easier ::

1. Remind yourself that you are highly responsive, simple solutions can help you feel instantly much better. To the same degree something can quickly make you feel terrible, something else can make you feel better. And, letting go is easier than you think.

2. Use it all as feedback, none of it means that there is something wrong with you. Instead of worrying or analyzing yourself, consider what the opposite of this uncomfortable situation would be. Do your best to give yourself that. Let it be experimental.

3. Know that this will not last forever. You are bringing your left and your right brain closer together. Kudos to you for doing such a tough thing. These two parts of you will eventually connect and work together naturally. Consider this training, a tough work out that will pay off big time.


Ane Axford is a licensed psychotherapist, clinical hypnotist, and highly sensitive CEO of sensitive + thriving, Inc. She utilizes holistic lifestyle services to serve those who have the genetic trait of high sensitivity in thriving wherever they may be, from struggling to leading with sensitivity. Ane is of our licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitators.

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