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The Buzz from Day 7 of the Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit

It’s hard to believe, we’re heading into the final days of the Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit! The community of right-brained entrepreneurs from around the world is blowing my mind! You can check out what some of them are up to on the Right-Brain Business Plan Facebook Fan Page.

Today we focused on Chapter 6 of my book The Right-Brain Business Plan so it was all about Corralling Your Creative Cohorts. Chris Guillebeau shared with us some fabulous tips on how to build your own small army of remarkable people. His advice is always so practical, down-to-earth, and wise.

Plus my fabulous creative cohort Kate Prentiss was live in my creative space with me as we chatted about our collaboration and even gave a sneak peek of the forthcoming Right-Brain Business Plan Kit that we’ve been working on. The kit will be available for sale in the next couple of months so make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter to get the launch announcements.

Don’t worry if you missed the session. You can still watch a replay of the video until 9pm PST Wednesday, March 9th by signing up at summit.rightbrainbusinessplan.com.

Here were some of the great #rbbiz tweets from today:

  • @WhenIGroUpCoach: Your Small Army of Remarkable People consists of prospects, followers, true fans & allies #rbbiz
  • @KristinaEnder: “Design your business to be useful and profitable!” @chrisguillebeau via #rbbiz
  • @anniescollab: @chrisguillebeau – aligning your creative spirit, your legacy work + your financials essential piece to turn a hobby towards a biz. #rbbiz
  • @mayraporrata: competitors=creative mentors! #rbbiz

And some highlights from our live webinar chat:

  • Sarah L.: I love that the Internet lets me meet and work with people based on how much I like them, rather than just physical proximity. 🙂
  • Alexia @alexiapetrakos : i think a niche is overrated. figure out who you want to serve, who your right people are, that’s about it
  • Cindi G. Another day of wonderful conversation and fantastic people!  Thanks for all the inspiration!  First time I have felt at home discussing anything related to business….woo hoo……thanks to you all!

It’s not too late to join the fun! (Yes, business can be fun!)

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