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Stop Trying to Be Someone Else


If you’ve ever tried to learn a new skill, chances are you emulated people you admire – perhaps copying their style so that you could practice techniques.

Maybe you’re taking up tennis so you study a pro’s backhand. Or you’re starting your own business and look to role models for inspiration on your website design or way of writing. Or maybe you’re getting into painting, photography, sketching, or mixed media and are learning from luminaries in the field.

When you’re new to something, sure, it can be helpful to practice by following someone else’s look or style until you start to hone your own voice.

BUT what if you were able to tap into your own inner wisdom and authentic voice NOW? Without pretending to be someone else (even if you’re not intending to). Just think how empowering that would be.

That’s what I love about Intuitive Painting when it’s purely focused on process not product. With intuitive painting there is no agenda, no end-goal, no master piece for sale afterward, no techniques or skills to learn.

It’s just you, paint, brushes, paper and your muse. Instead of looking to someone else for the answers, you tune into your own inner wisdom. Just ask yourself what color and where and go from there.

You have the creative freedom to trust your own voice, move through your blocks, and express your emotions. There’s space for exploring the taboo, giving voice to the unspoken, befriending “ugly,” diving into your dark side, and also just having a blast.

Imagine if you could bring that same level of creative freedom to how you approach your business. To have full permission to run your business in your own way.

As a creative soul and someone who takes a stand for being uniquely you, I get disheartened when I see so much of the “same” thing online. Like when I look at certain hashtags and all of the pictures look so similar in style as if everyone’s taking the same classes. Or when I hear folks asking for the exact 10 steps to build their list or how many emails should they send out for their launch (and what exactly should the emails say)?

It can be tempting to just leverage templates, follow someone’s step-by-step technique, or rely on boiler plate designs because you think that with those resources you’re covered. That if you just do what everyone else is doing, you’ll achieve the same results. But here’s the thing. You’re your own unique creative being with your own unique voice and message. Boiler plate will only get you so far. At some point you need to think for yourself and trust your own voice.

Let go of what you “think you have to do” or are “supposed to look like” to be “successful.” Instead lean into your creative intuition and authentic expression – that’s where the real magic happens.

Be willing to say the thing that no one is saying, to paint the images that only you can paint, to run your business and live your life the way only YOU can. Sure it may feel scary, and even lonely at times, AND at some point you’ll start to attract your right peeps who resonate deeply with your unique message and offerings. Bravo to you for courageously carving your own path.

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  • Nela Dunato February 27, 2016, 4:33 am

    This needs to be said a million times, just to counter the effects of all the “blueprints” and “7 steps” out there.
    I keep saying that too and sometimes feel like a broken record, but then I look around, notice the same thing you mention – everyone looking and sounding the same – and realize it’s needed.

    Doing stuff your way is a difficult lesson in self trust. It’s not a quick path to riches. Still, it’s so, so worth it.

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