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Spotlight on Bindi Shah of Anamaya

:  Bindi Shah
Company Name:  Anamaya – Life Coaching, Ayurveda, Meditation
Blog: http://www.anamaya.net/Blog/
Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/AnamayaLifeCoaching
Twitter handle: @bindishah

Note from Jenn: Bindi Shah is one of the Shining Stars in my current mentorship program and participated in last year’s Cohort Circle where I got to know just how sweet, caring, and wise this inspirational coach and meditation teacher is. Her voice is so soothing you will love listening to any of her meditations. We just has our first 1:1 coaching call yesterday and I’m so excited about what is unfolding for her. You can “meet” her and some fellow returning mentorship cohorts on this recent video chat panel

Business Plan Spotlight

What is your business and what makes your business unique?

My business name Anamaya encompasses what I do. It is a Sanskrit word meaning health, well-being & happiness and this is what I bring to my clients, myself and my business. I have been teaching meditation since 2003, first as part of yoga classes and now as classes in their own right, allowing people to discover a deeper, spiritual, beautiful place within themselves. It is from this place within, that I include the life coaching element of my business and allow my clients to achieve their goals and dreams without losing sight of their inner awareness, values and self.

How has the Right-Brain Business Plan® helped you? What is different for you and your business after approaching planning in a creative, visual way?

Discovering the Right-Brain Business Plan last year helped me fall in love with my business again. Working through the book re-connected me to my values and I then allowed my business to flourish from a place of my values. I was stuck in a very corporate like approach to marketing – going to networking meetings which weren’t for me and where most businesses seemed to think of others as competition. It just didn’t feel right for my meditation classes and life-coaching approach. The Right-Brain Business Plan allowed me to work on my business in a creative way; it made the planning and marketing fun and an underlying philosophy is collaboration rather than competition, which made the process less corporate and more friendly. Ultimately more me! I love the way I get to be creative, do fun things, have lots of time for self care and still be running a business.

What goals (big or small) on your business plan have you already accomplished or have made progress on?

This is my second Right-Brain Business Plan and I created this one for my on-line group coaching circle. As the coaching circle is yet to launch, the plan has made me realize the structure of the coaching circle and my ideal client for the group. My bigger vision was all about the vision of the coaching circle. I want people to leave the process feeling free and light, so I have a lot of pictures of people with their arms out. I have also added a self-care portion to the bigger vision, to remind myself to achieve my business goals and look after myself. I have definitely made progress on my bigger vision of the group coaching circle and am looking forward to launching it.

How do you use your creative intuition in your work?

I use my creative intuition all the time in my business. I move into my heart chakra when I am drawing, writing or painting and receive insight for classes, life coaching sessions and ideas for products. I write as much down as I can and when it feels right to start with an idea, I do. I find that when I work intuitively I always do my best and it is always right for me and for my clients and students.

Is there anything you’d like to share about your Right-Brain Business Plan® in terms of what it’s made out of or how you made it?

I used an index card box for my Right-Brain Business Plan. As the plan is for my group coaching circle, my intention is to have it to hand during the calls and to use it to store teaching topics and notes on participants. So a business plan which is used all the time. The outside of the box is my bigger vision and then I have used the index cards to write or collage my values, passion & purpose proclamation and moola affirmations. I have put my business self-portrait on the inside of the box, so that as soon as I open the lid that is the first thing I see. I have also written a love note to my perfect client for the group coaching circle.

What’s your big vision for your business?

My big vision for my business is to empower others to live the life they dream of. The vision I have for the group coaching circle is that people are empowered to break free from the cages they find themselves in. They learn to dance with joy, embrace life and be happy.

What advice do you have for other creative entrepreneurs?

I would love other creative entrepreneurs to try out a visual, creative business plan and not get stuck into having to do a corporate one. There is a wonderful community of creatives here to help you on your way, to support you and allow you to bring your gifts to the world in a way which feels right for you. You can definitely do what you love and make it into a business and what is even better, is that it will be a FUN business.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

You don’t need to do it alone. Often as solopreneurs we feel we have to do everything by ourselves. Come and connect with the beautiful, creative, heart-based community which Jennifer Lee has created and reach out for cohorts to help you with what you don’t know and receive support for your business and your life.

Creative Resources

Click here  for more information about Bindi Shah. She was also part of the Video Chat Panel  with Jenn and other Creative Cohorts.

There’s still room for you in our Cohort Circle before doors close on June 17th.

Join Bindi and more cohorts in the Right-Brain Entrepreneur Mentorship Program.

Want to create your own Right-Brain Business Plan®? The Right-Brain Business Plan® Kit includes supplies to make your own accordion book style visual business plan.

For more support with developing your RBBP, check out the Right-Brain Business Plan® Home Study program.

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