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Special offer on Right-Brain Business Plan® licensing program thru Oct. 31st

Are you a a coach, artist, workshop facilitator, creative soul, or right-brain entrepreneur who is looking for an additional ready-to-go income stream?

If so, the Right-Brain Business Plan® licensing program may be right up your alley! And if you sign-up by this Wednesday, October 31st you’ll save $200 before the price goes up plus you’ll get VIP passes worth $400 to a weekend business-building extravaganza.

The licensing program is done-for-you system based on my bestselling book and is perfect for you if you’re looking for an additional moola-making method to grow your business, you’re tired of spinning your wheels trying to develop a new program, or you’re passionate about helping people make a living doing what they love.

Hear directly from a few of our Right-Brain Business Plan® facilitators about why they love the licensing program in the video below.

Find out more about how the Right-Brain Business Plan® licensing program can help you grow your business and have your first 2013 offer ready to go!

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The Right-Brain Business Plan®