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Sensitive Social Media Strategy

Guest post by licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitator Ane Axford

I get a lot of interaction on my Facebook page. I have a great community that likes what I share and shares themselves in powerful ways too. Other business owners have asked me what I do to get so much interaction on social media.

Figuring out how to get people to like and share what you share on social media is no different than figuring out how to get people to like you and talk about you, rather than just being likable and sharing valuable information that people want to pass on. Being likable means giving people a chance to see you and know you through a specific, relatable, vulnerable extension of yourself. What is valuable is what meets a specific need in a specific context. Specificity is vulnerability, so it can often be difficult for us to be specific even with ourselves.

It’s up to you to get specific about why and how you do what you do in your business, the more specific the better. You do have specific value you offer to specific people. Knowing this lets you speak right to your people. They are your community and they are totally unique, like you. They don’t want to be marketed to, they want to be spoken to and heard by a real human being. They want a direct problem solved or real need met. And you know how to do it, or you are at least dedicated to figuring it out.

You are a finite being. Necessarily you will not appeal to everyone. That’s just truth. Necessarily, you also have a finite audience who meets the specific combinations that make up your offering. You won’t be able to know who these people are from the way they look or talk or where they live. They will be drawn to you through hearing you speak the words in their heart. They will come back to you over and over to like and discuss what you are sharing when the value you offer is giving voice to the parts of them that have not been given a home elsewhere.

A few sensitive strategies I use when I share authentically on social media ::

1.Sit down everyday without knowing what you are going to say and instead of thinking about what they want to hear, listen for what your body wants to say. Just type and see what comes out. Let it flow, time yourself if it helps. The more spontaneous, the better. The more direct, the more relatable.

2.What trends have you noticed over the past week or month with clients, customers, in your business, or life in general? Give specific words to this and offer your own recommendation based on your experiences.

3.If there is a controversial or news-related topic that has crossed your path and affected you, it may also be affecting your community. Consider your own position with it, share your position with compassion, and offer a space for others to do the same.


Ane Axford is a licensed psychotherapist, clinical hypnotist, and highly sensitive CEO of sensitive + thriving, Inc. She utilizes holistic lifestyle services to serve those who have the genetic trait of high sensitivity in thriving wherever they may be, from struggling to leading with sensitivity. Ane is of our licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitators.

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  • JaLynn Wolin April 3, 2013, 12:43 pm

    This was short, but amazing helpful. thank you!

  • Vicki Johnson April 18, 2013, 7:52 am

    This is very timely for me. Extremely helpful. Vulnerability is a difficult state for me to be in since I have been trained to appear to be the “expert” in my previous career. Becoming a coach has required me to be honest about my own struggles. The playing filed is now level and it is about time. It feels really great to be open and honest with my clients. But I struggle with the social media part. I am in the boomer generation and it is a real mind bender sometimes to figure out how to keep up. As a “right brainier” just letting the ideas flow is like opening the gates that have been shut for so long!!! Thank you for the wonderful advice.

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