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Right-Brain Resource Roundup

Every so often I’ll be sharing some of the cool, right-brain resources I’ve come across.  May these creative gems inspire and support you in your business (and your life!).

  1. If you love the Right-Brain Business Plan, you’ll love Julie Stuart’s graphical Roadmap to Inspiration.
  2. At the Creativity in Business Conference, I attended Michael Margolis‘ session on using storytelling to build your brand and business.  Michael generously offers an excerpt of his book Believe Me: A Storytelling Manifesto for Change-Makers and Innovators.  Download the PDF here.
  3. On Twitter, I recently met Sheila McCann. She sent me a link to one of her Fishegg cartons which simply and humorously illustrates the difference between the left and right brain.
  4. Artist and coach Michelle Rumney put together this brief and informative slideshow on Visual Tools for Coaches.
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