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Right-Brain Resource Roundup

A helpful and concise post by Todd Henry about how to keep your creativity flowing – Bolster Your Creative Output by Bolstering Your “Red Zone.”

I’m featured in a recent US News & World Report post called 9 Money Strategies for Creative Thinkers: If you’re a visual person, standard financial strategies probably don’t work for you. There are some helpful right-brain tips for managing your moola.

Are you yearning to get your gifts out in the world in a big way, but fears and business “details” are bringing you down? Learn how to start implementing practical stuff in easy, fun systems infused with flow and co-creativity AND boldly and confidently face areas you avoid so you can translate your amazing ideas into a rockin’ reality.
Leela Somaya has put together a totally unique and groundbreaking no-cost Online Event, going on now through November 18th – Evolutionary Biz Basics for “Non-BizMinded” World Changers. I’ll be speaking on Wednesday, November 16th at noon PT, and I will be joined by over 30 luminaries. And don’t worry if you can’t make the calls! Sign up anyway and receive the recordings of all live calls in your inbox!

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The Right-Brain Business Plan®