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Right-Brain Resource Roundup

If you are a crafter, clothing designer, or online retailer, check out this cool product called Stitch. It’s an online tool that helps small businesses that design, make, and sell products handle inventory, orders, expenses, customer contacts, and more. I met the founders at the Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs in SF a few months ago and they are awesome and really passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs. These fun illustrated customer storylines help to paint the picture of how Stitch can make your life easier.

In October join the World’s Biggest Summit – a FREE online event, hosted by Goddess Leonie Dawson, where you can learn from 100 of the World’s best teachers in creativity, spirituality, business & health. I’ll be teaching alongside best-selling authors Julia Cameron, Jennifer Louden, and SARK! You can check out the trailer here:

My friend Kimberly Wilson recently launched a new e-Course called creative + conscious business and it’s all about blending your passions and legacy into a sparkly and inspiring business. Kimberly has been in business for more than a decade and has lots of wisdom to share. I’m also one of her featured guests!

The uber-talented artist and creative spiritual entrepreneur Laura Hollick is launching her second season of Soul Art TV on Monday, October 4th. I was a guest on her first season and am looking forward to the inspiring content and expert interviews she has in store for this round. You can sign-up to join the Creative Spiritual Revolution here.

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