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Right-Brain Resource Roundup

Stephanie Levy’s new e-Course Creative Courage starts this Monday, September 26th. This seven week online program will give you inspiration, tools, and resources to help you realize your creative dreams. I’m one of the 12 featured guests who share our stories about living a creative life and running a creative business.

I’ve been digging listening to streaming music with spotify.com. Imagine having pretty much any song available right at your fingertips! I must admit I’ve indulged in everything from 80’s nostalgia to Tibetan singing bowls.

If you’re an iPad user and you like making mind maps, you might like the Popplet app. I’ve already started to brainstorm my 2012 video summit on it.

Another iPad app that I look forward to playing more with is Clibe. It’s like a super cool digital Moleskine. I think it could be a great tool for making an online Right-Brain Business Plan®!

For you iPhoneography and Instagram addicts, there’s a cool conference next month in SF called 1197 that is dedicated to mobile & iPhone photography. My hubby and I will be attending the afternoon sessions. There’s a streaming video option for those of you who are not in the area.

Check out drawastickman.com for some interactive doodling fun! It’s a pretty amazing yet surprisingly simple online experience.

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