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Right-Brain Resource Roundup

This week, I’ve got more Instagram related resources for you. It’s just such an awesome visual tool for connection, inspiration, and sharing your work that I can’t get enough of it 😉

Here is a great short article  on how to use Instagram for your business.

I’ve been using the hashtag #rbbp to tag Right-Brain Business Plan photos and I invite other IG’ers to take pics of your Right-Brain Business Plans and add them to the pool by including #rbbp in the comments of your photo.

If you’re new to Instagram or want a basic intro to the app (plus some fun tips and tricks), download the free app my hubby and I have created called Instagram Tips.

And for IG’ers wanting to connect locally, Josh Johnson is hosting photowalks throughout the country. You can find out more at bunchofsquar.es. I plan to go to the one in San Francisco on February 22nd. It’d be fun to see you there.

Happy Instagramming!

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