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Overcome Your Fear of Finance and Grow Your Profits

Note from Jenn: This is a guest post from Nicole Fende, The Numbers Whisperer, and author of her new book How to Be A Finance Rockstar. Nicole is no stranger to the Right-Brain Business Plan. She did an RBBP Spotlight here last year showcasing her magnetic board AND she’ll be doing a Live Show & Tell Spotlight next week at the free Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit!

To celebrate the launch of her book, she’s hosting a virtual cocktail party TODAY and you’re invited. It runs from 4:30 pm CST to 7:30 pm CST. And if you’re in the Twin Cities you’re welcome to attend in person.

Overcome Your Fear of Finance and Grow Your Profits

Are you afraid of finance?  Does the mere thought of doing the books, or running the numbers fill you with dread?

As Jennifer Lee rightly points out in Chapter 5 of The Right Brain Business Plan, understanding the financial side of your business allows you to turn passion into profit.  Do you wish Managing the Moola could be as fun as that title sounds?

It can!  However there is one thing you need to address first.  Fear.

Many, if not most, of small business owners and solopreneurs fear numbers.  While I love them, I also understand that fear.  It’s why I became The Numbers Whisperer™, to help people like you tame that fear and make a living doing what you love.

Through my coaching clients I discovered that one technique worked extremely well in conquering finance fears.  Particularly with creative people, probably because we (and yes I’m creative too) have such richly active imaginations.

Facing the Unknown

When you step onto a stage you often can’t see beyond the floodlights. Not knowing what’s out there is scary.

Think about Stephen King, the undisputed champion of horror.

His books focus on fear, often deep rooted ones, encouraging your imagination to run wild. That’s why the movies never live up to his books. The movies give a face to the fear.

Suddenly it doesn’t seem so scary anymore.

We want to mimic the Stephen King movie effect!

The easiest way to do this, create an avatar.

Let me introduce the Number Muncher, my villain avatar.  His favorite pastime is to tear up people’s financials.

While you wouldn’t want him hanging around the office, Number Muncher looks manageable.

(If you attend the Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit next week you’ll even get to meet him in person, so to speak.)

Prefer something closer to a horror movie?  I must blushingly confess a love to the classic hack and slash movies like Friday the 13th.  How about this guy?

He doesn’t have a name, I just think of him as my axe murderer: a serial murderer who targets small business profits.

Creating Your Numbers Avatar

While you’re welcome to use one either of my villainous avatars, it may help to create your own.  Draw, paint, mold or describe those nebulous fears.  Give them a face.  Then throw darts at it – literally if you like.

Facing your fear gives you power, and frees you to focus on making money while following your passion.

About Nicole Fende

Nicole Fende is The Numbers Whisperer™ and President of Small Business Finance Forum.  As a credentialed actuary with experience as a  Chief Financial Officer, Investment Banker, and successful entrepreneur, Fende helps her clients reach their profit goals and learn how to effectively and enjoyably run the financial side of their business. In her book, How to be a Finance Rock Star, Nicole shares the same strategies she uses for her profit coaching clients to help them reach multi-platinum profits. 

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