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Have lots o’ different passions? There’s nothing wrong w/ ya – you’re a Multipassionate. Don’t miss the mega 3-day sale

Being the creative person and/or a creative entrepreneur that you are, I bet you have a plethora of passions: perhaps art, writing, photography, knitting, and salsa dancing.

Maybe you dream of running a yoga studio in Costa Rica and in the same breath you can see yourself opening up a vegan bakery or writing your first mystery novel or designing high-fashion shoes.

You like to dabble in loads of creative projects and love to constantly learn new things.

If you feel like you can never “just pick one thing,” don’t you worry. Just because your best friend knew since she was five that she wanted to be a vet. Or your great aunt says, “Now what are you doing?!” when you sign up for yoga teacher training, it doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you.

In fact, when I look at the many wonderful creatives who’ve been part of my Right-Brain Entrepreneur Mentorship Program over the years, I see how many of them have multiple passions that they’ve beautifully blended together into a business that is authentic to them.

Here are a few ways to embrace your love of variety and make it work for you:

  • Spend less time worrying whether your latest interest is the “right” thing or merely a flash in the pan. Spend more time paying attention to whether it brings you JOY.
    Be willing to let something go when it’s run its course. Ask yourself what did you gain from that experience. How did you grow? It may have nothing to do with the subject matter and all to do with your learning process.
  • Allow yourself to try new things and see what sticks. All to often people get caught up in the “deciding what to do” mode. They research and fantasize and wonder if they’ll like it or not when they could actually be out there experiencing it NOW. Pick one thing that you’re interested in and take action on that this week.
  • Use your right-brain to see the patterns or bigger picture that might tie all of your passions together. Write out of all your passions and interests on separate Post-It Notes. Or clip out magazine images that grab your attention. Group them together in ways that make sense to you. What threads do you notice? What various themes can you start to string together?
  • Simply enjoy your passions as hobbies. Just because you’re passionate about something and you’re creative entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to turn every interest into a business idea. You can just enjoy it as a hobby or side project. Or you can find ways to have your interests inspire or influence your main moola-making method rather than add in a whole new income stream. For example, I’m a certified yoga instructor but I don’t teach yoga nor do I get paid from anything directly yoga related, however, yogic principles and practices inform my business approach and leadership style, so I’ve found a way to integrate that passion into my work indirectly.
  • Hang out with other Multi-Passionates. Find your tribe of creative souls who get what it’s like to have so many different interests. Instead of feeling like a freak who can never finish anything, you’ll feel understood and supported in your quest for variety.

When I first left my corporate job 9 years ago, I struggled to define what I did. How could I “market” myself if I couldn’t succinctly describe my business? I longed for a simple label that would capture everything I was up to… coaching, writing, art, yoga, painting, etc. Now, rather than confining myself to one thing, I embrace all of the facets that make up my life and career and that feels much more ME!

What are the many hats that you wear? What happens when you allow yourself to dabble with all of them? Be sure to check out the Multi-Passionate Must-Haves mega sale that’s going on May 12th-14th. You’ll get 26 products from 28 expert contributors worth $1,730 for only $97!!!!

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