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Metaphorically Speaking

Sometimes our best ideas come to us when we least expect them. One way to spur that process is to use metaphors and similes to get you out of your logical mind and into your imagination.

What’s a metaphor for your business? If you love music, what if you imagined that your business were a song or the score to an epic movie? Where would your business be in the song right now? The overture or the chorus? What themes do you notice throughout your song?

How is the growth of your business like a flower in bloom or like a tidal wave? If your business were a hat, what kind of hat would it be?

See what inspires you or even just strikes your fancy. You can even simply take a look at what’s around you right now and use random objects as starting off points. Who knows, imagining your business is like a ballpoint pen or a flashlight might spark a new product idea or may help you solve a problem in a fresh, exciting way!

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