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Life Cycle of a Dream

Life Cycle of a Dream

Guest post by licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitator Ho’omalamalama Brown

If you’ve been keeping up with my articles you might have noticed that I doodle often. In fact doodling has become a productive habit while working through my business. There’s one more thing that I hope you’ve noticed… each blog post leads into the next. What started this journey was a post I did called, “The Life Cycle of an IDEA.” It was simple but extremely helpful to me and possibly even to you. Then I began to expand the targeted areas into their own life cycle’s, while sticking to the pattern.

  • Life Cycle of an IDEA
  • Life Cycle of INSPIRATION
  • Life Cycle of a DREAM

When I think about dreams I visualize water because there are so many forms in both entities and they never stop evolving. Have you ever met someone who had the same dream as you? Has anyone ever told you, “Your Grandma wanted to do the same thing, did you know that?” Maybe someone created a product like what you had in mind. So let’s simplify the Life Cycle of a Dream.

Cloud = The dream or big idea. This is where fantasy and “what if” thoughts mingle and play in your mind. When I’m in this phase I imagine that I’m financially stable and making more money than I can possibly spend.

Rain = Here’s reality! It can be the sweat off your brow, to make this dream happen, or tears because it feels overwhelming.

Waves = Something has become visible and you feel closer to completion. Perhaps this wave has become bigger than you dreamed and you can ride it all the way to the bank.

Mist = I connect this to the surreal feeling of, “Ahhh… I finally made it.” Your idea, gift, or product is out there in the world.

For some of us it ends after the mist while many of us enter back into the dream to tweak or improve our service. Either way it is a cycle that never ends.


Enlighten and brighten is the Hawaiian translation of Ho’omalamalama. As a performing artist and instructor of Polynesian culture Ho’o (ho-Oh) found her calling in the health and wellness realm. Today she extends that light into creative coaching utilizing the RBBP method, an effective way to help other creative entrepreneurs succeed. You can find Ho’o here: http://www.hoomalamalama.com/
Ho’o is one of our licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitators.
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