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Let Your Business Offerings Be Easy

Guest post by licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitator Ane Axford

Raise your hand if you have an unfinished project that you think about daily? I see a lot of hands.

I find that these projects fall into one of these categories ::

1. Projects you don’t actually want to do, but think you should.
2. Projects you really want to do, but are waiting on perfection.
3. Projects you will do, but now is really not the time for them.

Sometimes we can have an idea about what our business “should” be, or what a “successful” business is. We may see others doing things that seem to work for them and we think we should be doing it too. Other times, there may be things that others seem to want from us that we don’t actually want to give. There can be many reasons we should ourselves into project planning, but then the motivation really isn’t there and then this project just festers inside and we carry that around with us. The easiest thing to do with something you “should” do is to drop it. If you discovered you were carrying around a rotting banana that you didn’t want to eat 3 weeks ago, you would just toss it out. You wouldn’t waste time figuring out why you didn’t eat it or how you can eat it now. It’s gross and you would throw it out. Easy.

Projects that you really want to do can become rotten too. Have you ever had something tasty that went bad because you were waiting until you had the perfect pairing to go with it? Perhaps it was a delicious avocado that you were waiting to make into the perfect guacamole once you got the rest of the ingredients. Day after day, that avocado became inedible because it wasn’t used fresh. Then you just had to throw it out. With your business, you may have a product or service you want to offer but are waiting until it can be perfect. I recommend that if you have something delicious to serve, then choose the simplest way to do it right now. Rather than looking at the biggest, most complex way, consider the least amount you would need to make it go. Use what you already have in your kitchen or what you can get quickly. Use something pre-made rather than custom. Use simple ingredients rather than a complex process. Serve it up and offer it with delicious simplicity. Easy.

And, for those projects that sound appealing but you already know you can’t do today, put them in the freezer right away so they won’t rot. Create a document that you can list future ideas in so that you can stop thinking about them until the time is right. Keep them fresh until you’re ready to thaw them out for use. Easy.

Fresh food for your body that feeds it where it is now, and fresh ideas for your business that feed it where it is now. Let it be easy to offer something fresh.


Ane Axford is a licensed psychotherapist, clinical hypnotist, and highly sensitive CEO of sensitive + thriving, Inc. She utilizes holistic lifestyle services to serve those who have the genetic trait of high sensitivity in thriving wherever they may be, from struggling to leading with sensitivity. Ane is of our licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitators.

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