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Left-Brain Chill Pill

“Let things come out full spade in one big wave so you don’t ferment over them for months on end.” – Leonie Allan, creator of GoddessGuidebook.com

I love this tip from that Leonie Allan shared with us during the Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit. She asked, “If you were going to create something really glorious, really magical this weekend and have it finished by the end of the weekend – what would you create and why don’t you do it?” Brilliant! That’s how she created her first Goddess Planner and Workbook in four days and she sold tons of them. If you get a flash of inspiration just go for it before your left brain even has time to kick-in and stall you!

Oh, and here’s a bonus Left-Brain Chill Pill of sorts from Goddess Leonie that had me cracking up – A song for frustrated business goddesses!

For more Left-Brain Chill Pills, check out the multimedia library of interviews and discussions from the Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit.

Take one dose of Left-Brain Chill Pill as needed to quiet your judging mind.

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