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Keep on Keeping On? Time to Do The Review…

Guest post by licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitator Michelle Rumney

I don’t know about you, but things have been very busy lately. Lots to do, as always. Juggling, balancing, focusing. Life, family, work. Juggling, balancing, focusing… on and on. Hmm, I say to myself – STOP! Time to Do The Review!!

Yes, the Annual Review! Not some dry and somewhat ominous corporate document. No, I need a review that’s going to inspire me, give me courage and help me take my business into 2013 full of confidence and clarity so that I can allow it to flourish and grow.

So, how do you start the Do The Review process?

Step 1 – Commit to Do The Review
A half-hearted attempt at reviewing what’s really working for your business will only keep you more busy, busy, busy and ultimately waste your precious time. Say it out loud, sing it, write it down on a sticky note and post it where you can see it. “I’m Doing The Review!”

Step 2 – Give Yourself Time
Schedule in time for this – ideally a couple of whole mornings or afternoons at least. What’s it worth to you, knowing the answers for ‘how’s your business’? Chris Guillebeau (The Art of Non-Conformity) gives himself a whole month every year! Set yourself a completion date for the process – an Annual Review is simply a snapshot in time, a benchmark (not another distraction).

Step 3 – Take The Snapshot
Collect the information you need to get the picture of your business right now. Some questions to get you started…

Business Vision
• If my business had a theme tune right now, what would it be?
• How on track am I towards my core Business Vision?
• Which aspects have given me the most satisfaction or reward?

Getting the Word Out
• If my business was in a magazine right now, which one would it be in?
• How many people know about what I offer?
• How did they find me?
• Are they the customers I want?
• What’s the feedback from them?

• On the scale from Expensive Hobby to Thriving Business, where is it?
• How much have I made? In total? After costs?
• How close is that to my cash-flow forecast?
• Which products or services are selling best?

Action Plan
• What goals have I set? Did I achieve them?
• What’s not working for the business? What’s working?

Step 4 – Make it More Fun!
We’re right-brainers, no? So claim this process all for yourself… your way – do whatever you need to do to help you actually DO it! Take photos, instagram the answers, sing songs, phone a friend, ask your dog or cat to help (remember to smile, laugh and bark/mieow occasionally!).

And finally Step 5 – Look at Your Picture
• Is it what you want to see?
• How would you like it to look this time next year?
• What can you do differently, more of, less of or ditch altogether?
• What WILL you actually do? When? How?

Yes, more questions, but remember that this valuable snapshot will help you make your business stronger so you can keep keeping on…

Michelle Rumney, helps people get inspired and then get on with it. A fine artist and creative coach, her fun and playful approach helps take the ‘serious’ stuff and make it doable, step by step. Listen to her ‘Journeys’ podcasts, including an interview with Jenn, on RoomOnTheEdge.com. Michelle is one of our licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitators.

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