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Inspiring Big Visions from our Right-Brain Entrepreneurs

Want inspiration for making your Big Vision real? Check out these two quick videos with highlights from recent webinars featuring Right-Brain Entrepreneurs who shared how they brought their Big Visions to life.

In this first video you’ll be inspired by:

In this second video you’ll be inspired by:

  • Carrie Hensley who leads a thriving online yoga community
  • Jennifer Blair-Cockrum a fine artist who produced her first calendar
  • Katherine Carey a hat designer who recently launched an online magazine
  • Jennyann Carthern an artist who launched a coloring book, and e-Course, and more!
  • By the way, that screenshot is of Jennyann showing how she manifested her goal from a few years ago to finally be a panelist on one of my live video classes! Love how that works.

    And if you want help creating your own Right-Brain Business Plan® like these awesome entrepreneurs have shared, join our self-paced Home Study.

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