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Highlights from Week 1 of the Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit

We had an amazing first week at the Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit! If you missed our free live video chat sessions or 48-hour replays, you can catch some highlights here. I’ve put together clips of some of my favorite moments of our guest interviews, so take a peek at the video above to see what you’ve missed (or to be re-inspired!).

What this video doesn’t capture is the energy of the interactions when we have hundreds of creative entrepreneurs from around the world interacting in the chat room. You’ve got to experience the session live for the full-on effect! So if these videos spoke to you, imagine what it would be like to share your light-bulb moments or ask questions of me, the speakers, or your fellow cohorts in real-time.

Our next session starts at 10am PST this Monday, so check it out! I’d love to see you.

You can still join us for free this week! During our final week of the summit we’ll have interviews with Elizabeth Marshall who will talk to us about marketing and spreading your message. We’ll hear from Alison Marks about secrets to a 6-figure business and we’ll have a live show & tell spotlight with modern-day wrangler of time and space Beth DeZiel. You can actually see a video of Beth below where she talks about why she upgraded to a Premium Pass at this year’s summit.

You’ll also meet one of my favorite creative cohorts, Jeremie Miller, who will talk to us about using technology to help connect with customers. If you’ve been curious about how I’ve been leading these webinars, this is the man to meet and the session to watch!

We’ll also hear from Chelsea Moser who will give us tips on how to hire a team and we’ll celebrate our final day together with the inspiring Jen Louden.

Come join the fun!

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