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Goal Setting for 2013: Keeping it Simple + Today is the last day to join my mentorship program!

Now that we’re settling into 2013, I’m sure goal setting is on your mind.

This year, I’m keeping things simple. And that feels like a wonderful relief!

I got this mini Paper Source DIY calendar as a Christmas gift and thought that doing a collage for each month will be a do-able way to set my short-term intentions. You can see the collage I did for January above.

Focusing on an intention for 30-days feels much more manageable. I can ask myself each day if I’m acting in alignment with my vision.

Of course, I still like to have an overall sense of what the year holds, so I capture my high-level moola and milestones all on 1 page using my quarterly goals play sheet. Again, keeping it simple.

Curious to hear more about the quarterly goals process? I shared my tips and tools in this free video class: Kick-Off 2013 with Captivating Quarterly Goals.

Plus in the class, I also talk a bit about how I use my sticky note project plan (the colorful
giant wall calendar from Paper Source that’s always behind me in my Livestreams.)

Want to make sure that you reach your monthly and quarterly goals? There’s still time to join in my Right-Brain Entrepreneur Mentorship Program and work directly with me in a supportive circle of creative cohorts.

We have our first group coaching call TODAY Tuesday, January 8th, so if you want in, now’s the time! Doors close at 9pm TONIGHT Tuesday, January 8th.

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