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Meebie creator VIP Client Ginny Campbell gives a fun show and tell of her popular plush toy

We all have feelings, but sometimes it’s difficult to put those emotions and sensations into words. That’s why Orkid Toys founder and VIP Client Ginny Campbell created her popular plush toy product line Meebie.

Meebie has a variety of swappable patch-like pieces that help children and grown-ups change Meebie’s facial expression to convey a wide range of emotions from happiness, joy and excitement, to sadness, anger, confusion, and fear and everything in-between.

I’ve had the honor of working with Ginny as she’s put together her second run of Meebies and added to her line with her new Meebie Mini and picture book and I’m thrilled that we can finally get our hands on the new Meebies!

Download Ginny’s free printables

Want some fun and simple resources you can use right now? Sign-up for Ginny’s free printables which includes 3 downloads: A Mindful Moment with Meebie with instructions for a kind care pause, a Meebie Color Page where you can doodle your emotions, and a Feeling words List from Meebie’s book to help you identify what you are feeling.

Save 10% on Meebie

For all those creative, sensitive, heart-centered folks here in my right-brain community, I thought you’d appreciate this playful visual and tactile approach to getting in touch with what you or those you work with are feeling. Watch our fun video above to hear how we’ve both used Meebie to help us and other great ideas for acknowledging your emotions.

If you’re a therapist, play therapist, counselor, teacher, parent, or just a kid-at-heart like me, check out Meebie as an enriching ally to use in your professional practice or your personal life.

Also, Meebie Mini and the Meebie Has Feelings book both make great gifts for a great price!

Ginny is offering a special 10% savings on all Meebie merchandise with code RBBP10 for my community from now through November 30th.

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