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Doodle If you dare.

Doodleifyoudare-hoo Guest post by licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitator Ho’omalamalama Brown

Doodlers are free to swirl, dot, zig-zag and add color. No one has to see your design because it’s meant for your eyes only. Some of these miniature creations end up on napkins, envelopes or your hand. A simple way to express yourself, but what if someone told you that your not good at it?

I helped in a kindergarten class once and there was a little girl who always doodled. She was brilliant and regularly smiled as she embellished her pages. Then one day she stopped. I asked her why and she replied, “Because I’m not good at it.” Then with a puzzled look I said, “Who told you that?” (It was another school mate, who couldn’t write his name.)

Instead of marching over to that little boy I turned back to her and asked, “Is he right?” She looked at me as if I was dumb and scrunched her nose to answer, “NO!” Her tiny five year old mind had a true “Aha-moment.” Then she turned away from me, picked out her crayons and started to draw.

Isn’t it interesting how we allow others to dictate our worth… but are they right? The opinionated relative, friend or coworker telling you that you’re not good is the same person who never dared to dream. As creatives we dare to dream in color and dream out loud.

It’s true, everything you need to know about life you’ll learn in Kindergarten. May we all be as resilient as this little girl and challenge the boundaries of mediocrity one doodle at a time.

Enlighten and brighten is the Hawaiian translation of Ho’omalamalama. As a performing artist and instructor of Polynesian culture Ho’o (ho-Oh) found her calling in the health and wellness realm. Today she extends that light into creative coaching utilizing the RBBP method, an effective way to help other creative entrepreneurs succeed. You can find Ho’o here: http://www.hoomalamalama.com/
Ho’o is one of our licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitators.
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  • Amethyst March 27, 2014, 9:40 am

    Thank goodness you were there with the insight to both notice and challenge her. Many of my teachers actually tried to stifle my creativity and force me into a box. It never worked completely, but it did stunt me. Thank goodness for the few who encourage us to blossom.

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