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Right-brainers, does this sound like you?

You know you’re a right-brain entrepreneur if you respond with a resounding “YES!” to any the following questions:

  1. Do you hate the idea of writing a business plan, but know you need one?
  2. Do numbers numb you out?
  3. Do words like business plan, cash flow and balance sheet make your skin crawl?
  4. Would you rather have an MFA than an MBA?
  5. Do you have a big vision for your business but struggle with implementation?
  6. Do you prefer colors, images and feelings to spreadsheets, tables and templates?
  7. Do you want to make a positive impact with your business, but avoid the business side of your job?
  8. Do you feel like planning is boring, daunting or in the way of the “real work”?
  9. Are you turned off by the formality and nitty-gritty detail of traditional business plans?
  10. Do you believe there’s got to be a better way to run your business?

You are not alone. Believe me, I’m right there with ya! And I hear clients, workshop participants, and blog readers answer yes to questions like these all of the time. Sure, maybe your feathers may get ruffled when you hear the letters ROI, but that doesn’t mean you can’t artfully run a business.

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