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Danielle Grinnen of Deliante Designs

Name: Danielle Grinnen
Business: Deliante Designs LLC
Website: http://www.deliantedesigns.com

A note from Jenn: I had the pleasure of meeting Danielle Grinnen in person the other week while I was in D.C.  Danielle participated in my Right-Brain Business Plan telecourse earlier this year and created the beautiful Right-Brain Business Plan featured in the photos below.  Read on to learn more about Danielle and her inspiring business.

Business Plan Spotlight


What makes your business unique?

Direct communication with the artist, me, who is custom designing each rug. Each rug is made to order to the specifications of the customer — color, size, material; along with the opportunity of a completely custom rug designed like a commissioned piece of art. The carpets are hand knotted by expert adult weavers of luxurious materials such as Tibetan wool, hemp, linen, nettle, silk…etc. The carpets are certified with the GoodWeave label which allows me to partner with the rug mill in Nepal to end child labor in the carpet industry while a part of the proceeds of each rug goes to starting schools in Nepal.

  • Artist designed
  • Custom carpets
  • Expertly hand knotted by adult artisans
  • Luxurious sustainable materials

How has the Right-Brain Business Plan helped you?

Deliante Designs LLC started about 4 years ago, I had taken classes and completed a successful left-brain business plan that I presented to the bank and others who needed to see my intentions. Over the last few years, my life and business has continued on a fun journey that rendered my first business plan presentable but totally uninteresting and unworkable for me. I needed a fresh breath of air for my business. I desired to look at all aspects of Deliante Designs from my strengths — intuition and creativity. The Right-Brain Business Plan was exactly the direction and medium that I needed to allow myself the freedom to dream. The process of creating my book directed me to my true vision for the business and the steps and goals to help me carry it forward.


What are you most proud of accomplishing in your business?

Each time a new carpet comes in that I have designed; I feel so proud and excited. I look forward to seeing the rug in the space that it was designed for. It really is a high.


How do you use your creative intuition in your work?

Creative intuition is essential to each aspect of my work- speaking with customers, designing each rug, choosing colors, choosing fibers, communicating with the wonderful weavers in Nepal, etc. When I find myself not working from that place of creative intuition then its time to take a few moments to get centered.


What’s your vision for your business?

I want everything to come from these three intentions; which are each followed by something tangible then more of a feeling word that represents each intention for me.

  • Be Present- Sun- Warmth
  • Live Intentionally- Waves- Rhythm
  • Be in Community- Food- Relationship
100_3510 DSC_1474

Here I am with the lovely Danielle at the Dream Box workshop in D.C. the other week.

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