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Core Values

Guest post by licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitator Laura Burns

We often hear people talk about core values, but honestly how often do you sit down and really think about them?

An integral part of who you are, your core values dictate what you want out of life and how you will go about getting those things. Found deep down in your inner self, your values will change over your lifetime depending on how you grow and evolve. Your values are your opinions, beliefs, things that speak to your heart and mind, or things in life that you find attractive. They get to core of who you really are.

Values are the feelings and activities which make you feel most like yourself –
connected, excited, and effortless.

Too often we build our lives around values that do not actually represent what our inner selves truly hold most dear. We may spend our lives trying (consciously or unconsciously) to honor our core values, only to stop short of discovering what they actually are. By defining and honoring our values we find clarity and are able to move forward in our lives in a way that feels authentic and noble.

It can be difficult to stand firm and interact with the world according our values – there’s a lot of pressure coming at us from people who want us to follow their lead. The following affirmation can be a helpful tool to remind yourself that your core values are integral to your life and happiness. I like to start my mornings out with an affirmation and then keep it in mind throughout my day.

Core Values Affirmation

Today I step into the world with purpose – to honor my core values in every decision and interaction.

I am awake, aware, and awed by the authenticity I find when I connect with my inner self’s core. I am filled with the knowledge of what my mind and heart both value, and today I am lifting these values up to celebrate and appreciate their existence.

I will not drift along, undefined, to be lost in a sea of other people’s expectations. Instead I will stand strong, feet planted, rooted in the knowledge of my core values. Today I will face challenges and decisions with joy in my heart, and allow my core values to act as a compass and guide me in my true direction – to happiness, peace, and the work life of my dreams.

I help heart-forward businesses create thoughtfully crafted plans for growth and sustainability. I love to inspire people to think critically, dream big, and clear out the cobwebs to let in the light and the joy! Wanna leave your soul-crushing job to start your own business? Check out my new book, Work Life Revolution! Laura Burns is one of our licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitators.

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