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Christening the Studio! Highlights from our first in-person retreat at the space

Star-Retreat-20160129-group-800Last week I led a 2.5 day in-person retreat for a handful of the Stars in my Mentorship Program and wow, it was amazing to have all of their vibrant energy filling the space! Here are the wonderful women who joined us: Virginia Simpson-Magruder, Sarah Stevenson, Edna Cabcabin Moran, Monica Garcia, and Lisa Dolce (our other Shooting Star Susan Miller wasn’t able to make it out, but was with us in spirit).

Star-Retreat-20160127-prepI’ve had my studio space for a year and until now have been using it as a sanctuary for my own solo retreats to reconnect with my creativity. It was important for me to carve out that spaciousness for myself last year as I moved through some transitions in my own business and re-prioritized my health, well-being, and personal creative practices. AND now, I (and the space) feel ready to invite more people in for some select events and retreats. What that exactly looks like is still unfolding and I trust that is also part of the creative process.

Photo by Stefanie Renee

Photo by Stefanie Renee

What I do know is that powerful shifts happen when people come together in circles and that I come alive holding sacred space for deep exploration, transformation, and taking inspired action. So, YES… more please!

Photo by Stefanie Renee

Photo by Stefanie Renee

During our retreat we worked with both our right and left-brains to help our Stars connect with their inner wisdom and plan how they’ll get their gifts out into the world in bigger ways. The intuitive painting session helped folks open up a powerful channel to their own authentic voice…

And our CEO Masterminding and session on mapping out 2016 launches helped to make their big visions real. I can’t wait to see what these amazing Stars bring to life this year! In fact, there’s already been some awesome action taken.

As for me, I’m excited to see how I can leverage the space for more intensive work with VIP clients and live streaming some very focused workshops. So stay tuned!

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  • Frannie Barron February 8, 2016, 8:20 pm

    Hi Jen, So happy for you and your peeps !I like that you have found a way to combine the intuitive work with the left brain stuff !

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