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Catch the replay of my video chat with Mark Silver about Sacred Selling

Did you miss Tuesday’s live video chat with me and the wise Mark Silver from Heart of Business? Not to worry, we’ve got ya covered! You can sign-up for the replay here.

If you think sales is icky or just plain “ewwwww” to quote someone from the chat, then you’re sure to learn lots from this informative and heartfelt session. Mark shared his Sacred Selling model and answered really great questions that came in from our live chat. No doubt questions about sales that you probably have yourself. I also talked through some examples of how his teachings have helped me.

We also shared an exclusive offer that ends tomorrow morning, August 24th to those of you in my community to take the Sacred Selling teachings deeper through Mark’s comprehensive home study program. To be transparent, Mark is sharing a portion of the profits with me during this special promotion as a thank you for letting you know about this valuable resource.

Even if the special offer isn’t for you, I know you’ll gain so much from simply watching the 60-min. no-cost class.

In fact, here’s what some of our live participants had to say at the end of our session:

“This came to me at just the right time. I need to just lead with heart and quit trying so hard.”

“Thank you for this session! this was very helpful on so many levels!”

“can’t wait to listen to this one again”

“Wow, I learned something new today”

“I feel ready to begin! Very inspiring!”

And you have to watch until the very end to see Mark’s pearl of wisdom that invoked huge belly laughs and lots of LOL’s in the chat.

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