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Balance & Unicorns

20140129-144004Guest post by licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitator Ho’omalamalama Brown

Balance is like Unicorn, we know they exist but have never seen one. Turn on the tv, radio, podcast or jump onto Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. You’ll eventually hear the word balance. We all want, need and desire it but do we really know what it is?

I made a To Doodle (things “To Do” in doodle form) because this topic interest me. The top represent subjects that can be on our mind at any given time. Notice the word balance in disarray tumbling onto the umbrella called “plans,” how vivid.

Maybe I should start at the beginning:
Balance is not…

• Perfection – I call this the Martha Effect, when we confuse our ability to be flexible with someone else’s ideas. You’re out of alignment with your authentic self because you’re living up to another person’s expectations.

• Romance – This is the Prince Charming Effect, if I had the right partner/lover everything will work itself out. Not! Our childhood exposure to damsels in distress and needing a prince is so nineteen-fifties . Yikes! (By the way “Happy Valentines Day.”)

• Cash-flow – Also known as the Hollywood Effect, because we convince ourselves that money equals balance. Which is so far from the truth because Hollywood is full of imbalance, scandal and stress.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Balance is…

• Being flexible with your time and projects because we all live in the real world and “Life” happens. And if you’re married or have children the best thing to do for yourself is to let go of unrealistic expectations.

• Practice self-care because health loss is difficult to regain. Remember your BFF (best friend forever) is your body. It’s ability to handle stress or drastic changes is connected to your health.

Being proactive. No I’m not talking about the facial cleanser but your ability to plan ahead. For instance you know that taxes are due April 15th so get them ready early. Procrastination will throw you into imbalance, sometimes leading to stress or depression. Be proactive, it’s more attractive.

Until my next post, discover your own path to balance and live everyday as if it was on purpose.

HoO_photoEnlighten and brighten is the Hawaiian translation of Ho’omalamalama. As a performing artist and instructor of Polynesian culture Ho’o (ho-Oh) found her calling in the health and wellness realm. Today she extends that light into creative coaching utilizing the RBBP method, an effective way to help other creative entrepreneurs succeed. You can find Ho’o here: http://www.hoomalamalama.com/
Ho’o is one of our licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Facilitators.

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