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3 Hidden Superpowers of Introverts in Business


Guest post by by Lisa Dolce, Right-Brain Business Plan® Licensed Facilitator,

3 Hidden Superpowers of Introverts in Business

Has anyone else noticed the buzzword “FIERCE” being used in marketing geared towards women these days?

Recently, these headlines landed in my inbox: “5 Ways to be a Fierce Entrepreneur,” “You must be fierce and fabulous to be in the business game,” and my personal favorite, “You have to be fierce to slay your clients.”

To an introverted entrepreneur (which is a badge I wear proudly), these calls to fierceness make it sound like if you don’t have a personality that roars, you cannot be successful.  If you are not an alpha-extrovert, “I love the spotlight kind of gal” then you don’t fit in.  This doesn’t exactly inspire confidence to go strike out into the world of business, does it?

This is why many quiet types of personalities fear starting their own businesses—they just don’t feel like they have the chops to make it in this extra extroverted world.

And sadly, they don’t go after a life-long dream.

So when you feel overwhelmed by the loud roar of the extroverts, here are a few ways you can use your natural strengths to be a wildly successful entrepreneur:

1. Superb listening skills to assess customer’s needs. Introverts listen first, and then speak. Being the person who says the least in a meeting is OK—(contrary to what we have been taught in school about not raising our hands enough). We sit back and listen instead of talking over people or trying to be the loudest heard. When introverts do contribute, it is meaningful to the conversation and impactful — and customers LOVE this.

2. Developing DEEP relationships for happy, loyal customers. A successful business is relationship driven. Introverts have an innate gift for developing deep relationships and this is a true BUSINESS ASSET. One or two real connections to nurture are better than a pile of business cards gathering dust on your desk. Making fewer, deeper relationships actually yields more satisfied and loyal customers.

3. Creativity and Empowerment. Introverted leaders tend to create and lead businesses from a very focused place. Their love of solitude and uninterrupted time has led to some of the most creative and innovative sustainable businesses–think Bill Gates and JK Rowling. And since they prefer to stay out of the spotlight and not promote their own greatness, they tend to inspire instead of intimidate–think Eleanor Roosevelt and Rosa Parks. All these are innate gifts that introverts can tap into to be successful business leaders.

So remember, just because we introverts prefer listening to speaking, innovation and creation to self-promotion, does not mean there isn’t a place at the entrepreneurship table for us.  There is a spot – and it is at the head of that table!  

Go forth and start that business — get your quiet roar on with depth and meaning. In the words of Mahatma Ghandi (who was, by the way, an introvert) “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”… and the world really needs you right now, more than ever.

Lisa Dolce is a Small Business Coach, Start-Up Mentor and Licensed Facilitator of the Right Brain Business Plan ®. She helps heart-centered entrepreneurs bring together their brilliant ideas and beautiful gifts and talents to design, launch and grow their own profitable business.

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