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How will the program work?

The 10 live teaching sessions will be delivered online via webinar with chat functionality every month. I will be leading at least 7 of them and we will have other guest speakers come to share their expertise. The 10 live group coaching sessions will be facilitated via conference call every month (2 of the sessions will be facilitated by a Circle Coach).

You will also have access to a special private online group where you will be able to stay connected in between our calls, post questions, share ideas, celebrate wins, and so much more.

For a tentative schedule of all Cohort Circle, Shining Star, and Shooting Star activities, please refer to this PDF.

For Shining Star (and Shooting Star) participants:

You’ll be able to schedule your 5 individual coaching sessions with Jenn throughout the program based on when you need support. For example, you may want more frequent calls closer to a launch or you may like having them spread out monthly. Calls will typically be held over the phone and will be recorded. Skype video calls can be conducted upon request.

Our 1st day-long virtual mastermind retreat via webinar will take place most likely the 3rd week of August. The 2nd day-long virtual mastermind retreat will take place on Thursday, January 8th. During these intensive and interactive sessions you’ll get to “focus group” a specific moola making idea, get valuable feedback and insights from your peers, and develop concrete action steps to start implementing immediately. We will have a tech test before the all-day session to make sure your computer and webcam are set up correctly.

How do I know if this mentorship program is right for me?

Please visit this page for a more in-depth look at whether the Cohort Circle or Shining Star levels are a good fit for you.

What do I need to participate in the program?

A computer, reliable Internet access, and the ability to watch online videos, listen to MP3 files, and view PDFs.

A Facebook account to take part in our active and vibrant private group. Much of the interaction, learning, sharing, and ongoing accountability happens in our online community.

A phone to call into the group conference call. Long distances charges may apply. People have called in using Skype in the past, however, the quality of the connection is not reliable, so a land-line is preferable. All calls will be recorded though, so you will be able to listen later if that works better for you or your schedule.

Shining Star participants will need a webcam if they want to be on-camera for the day-long group mastermind.

An open heart and mind, a commitment to sticking through the process even when you feel stuck, a generous spirit to help and support your fellow creative cohorts, and a willingness to have fun!

Do I need to have a completed Right-Brain Business Plan® before I take the mentorship program?

No, it’s not a requirement for you to have made a Right-Brain Business Plan® to participate in the mentorship program, however it will help you to have a sense of what your business is already, what you’re selling, and who your customers are. If you do want help building more of the fundamentals of your business, you’ll get support doing that on your own time through the Right-Brain Business Plan® Home Study that you receive as a bonus. You can reference the different modules there to help you build out the crucial pieces of you plan while you’re also integrating what you’re learning from the mentorship program. You can find out more about the Home Study program here.

I participated in both the RBBP Home Study, Premium Video Summit, and other offerings. Can I apply them all to my purchase?

First off, thanks so much for being such a fan of the work! We really appreciate your dedication! Second, we wanted to be able to provide a nice perk to our committed peeps which is why we’re letting you put your previous Home Study OR Premium Video Summit purchase toward the mentorship program. (Please note: if you purchased the Home Study bundle with the book and kit, only the Home Study course value is eligible for this special and only the Video Summit Premium level is eligible NOT the Video Summit Booster). Given that we’re providing new material and group coaching, we hope you can understand that we need to cover our expenses and make a profit (we are in business, after all!). That means we will only be able to honor one of the previous registation fees toward this program. We trust though that you’ll be getting tremendous value that will continue to support you and propel your forward on your entrepreneurial journey.

Get personal attention from Jenn

I’m interested in the Shining Star level so I can get 1:1 coaching with Jenn, but what if I want more than the allotted sessions with her? Are there options for more individual coaching?

Yes, as a participant of at the Shining Star or Shooting Star level of the mentorship program you will have special options to sign-up for additional sessions with Jenn to help you go deeper with the work. We understand that sometimes having that extra layer of accountability and guidance makes all the difference in staying in action.

More details will be provided once the program starts. Please note this option is available for Shining Star or Shooting Star participants only.

What if I can no longer participate in the program and need to cancel?

The program registration fee is non-refundable. If for whatever reason you are unable to participate in the program please contact us within the first month and we will credit you minus a $50 admin fee towards a future product/program within 1 year of your initial purchase. Once we receive your cancellation request, your access to the bonuses and program will be removed and any remaining recurring charges will be cancelled.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

We are more than happy to answer any other questions you may have. Please contact us at info @ artizencoaching.com and someone from the team will be in touch. Thanks for your interest.

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